Appearance – The first and perhaps most discussed stereotype. Who didn\’t wish as a child to be the most beautiful princess under the sun, the one that many princes would turn to? That\’s where it all starts.
Muž a žena na pláži
Relationships are difficult, and in trying to get through them, we subconsciously look for ways to make the other person feel that way at first glance. Then, we judge and make assumptions about the other person. However, not everything about choosing a partner based on appearance is immediately correct, and perhaps it isn\’t. Perhaps you may have looked for a boxy, perfumed man, but he turned out to be the worst choice. While wasting time with him in a corner of the dance floor, you failed to notice a man with a calm demeanor, attentive and with eyes only for you. In many cases, looks are not the most important thing, and you cannot judge a potential partner solely by the shirt he chooses. Never forget that.
Muž a žena u jezera
Motherhood – one of the clichés of pre-planning an unhappy relationship.
You probably know this from your girlfriends. The single beauty who never missed any party or coffee with friends suddenly finds herself out of time, exhausted, with dark circles under her eyes, and barely reachable even by messenger. Exhausted by sleepless nights, she doesn\’t even have time for herself. But they are the ones who chose the stereotypical married life, where the wife does all the housework herself and the children seem to be hers and hers alone. Therefore, before you throw yourself into something like this, do your own research into the mindset of your marriage partner. You may be pleasantly surprised, but you may end up avoiding a non-ideal relationship and looking for someone who believes that women are not mere stooges and that children have two parents.
Communication-You keep bumping into this over and over and still not getting it right.
Communication is the basis of everything. Communicate. Anytime. No matter what. The ideal partner is not just a partner, but a best friend. And one of the most important things for a relationship is communication. So if your partner can\’t talk about something as trivial as what movie you are going to see at the cinema, don\’t expect it to get better with time. It won\’t. When he finally listens to you and tries to understand you, you will have waited in vain for weeks or months, but if you did not do so at the beginning of your relationship, as is often said, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. Therefore, don\’t wait years for him to start talking to you, but uncover this vice of his right away at the beginning of your relationship so that you don\’t have to suffer many disappointments later on.