Billy Ray Cyrus sings in the song Achy Breaky Heart: “You can tell the world you were never mine. You can burn my clothes or tell my friends I am stupid. You can burn my clothes, you can tell my friends I am stupid. You can laugh at me on the phone. You can tell your mother I moved out or turn your dog against you. ” But what if I actually meet someone who tries to ruin our reputation after we break up? That\’s when the song\’s lilting melody turns into a harsh reality we can\’t deal with, one that slowly drives us insane.

plačící žena

Not reacting

Sometimes the best reaction is to not react at all. If an ex-lover is spreading rumors about you, do not make a fuss. Such a strong emotional outburst is exactly what such a person is waiting for. Keep your cool and do not react to gossip, insults, or other annoying attempts to connect with you. This is exactly what this person is trying to do. He is seeking your attention and your emotions.

Why is this good?

At the very least, it will save face and others will no longer perceive you as someone who is constantly carrying a past relationship and can\’t get out of it. No reaction will make you appear in a better, more mature light. It will soon become clear who is the victim and who is the emotional blackmailer, and it will not be difficult at all to be liked by those around you.

žena sedí


If you don\’t want to give them your time, you don\’t have to. If you are trying to solve all problems, you are giving people a lot of power with that attitude. Ridicule and gossip will only escalate.

Seemingly incomprehensible

Sometimes it can even happen that your ex-lover contacts you when they are already living with someone else. Sometimes they simply want revenge and want to sabotage your future life and potential relationships.

What to do.

If you feel this may be your example, beware. This type of behavior is typical of people who want to own and manipulate others. But how do we know that our ex is a dangerous person and not just wanting to go back?


è Tell your friends about your ex. They were glad you finally broke up.

è Remember. You felt a lot of guilt in that relationship.

è Your relationship was frequently accompanied by arguments that ended in violence and verbal attacks.

è Did your relationship involve repeated cheating or using sex as a weapon?

If you answered “yes” to at least one of the questions, please think carefully about whether you should stay away from that person.