Doubt. At the beginning of a relationship, it is natural to not fully trust your new partner yet; you don\’t know his friends, you don\’t know how he spends his time, and you certainly don\’t trust his girlfriends. But it\’s very simple. If he cares about his girlfriends, he is probably dating one of them by now, not you. So don\’t be unnecessarily suspicious or make him resent you for being jealous without a good reason.
V mužské náruči
Time. Time together and their decisions are another stumbling block. One prefers freedom and the other wants to spend more time together. One wants to meet after work, the other wants to wait until the weekend. Remember that each behavior and need has its own reasons, and above all, each was raised in a different home and comes from a different background. Do not force them to do anything. Do not create a long-term plan or system for when and how you will meet. You both need to take a step back and think about it.

Assumptions as Another Mistake

Unnecessary assumptions are another way to destroy a relationship beforehand. Realize that you have different habits and that you both make assumptions based on different experiences. Therefore, you cannot assume that your new partner will act according to your life experiences and likewise you will not act according to his life experiences. You need to give your partner space, wait for him to express himself, and only then react to his actions, attitudes, and opinions. If you react before the other person has even had a chance to express himself, you will constrain him and create unnecessary arguments between the two of you. And neither of you want that.
Arguing. Once you quarrel, further quarrels are not far behind. Knowing how to handle your emotions and not being quick to lash out over trivial matters is a very powerful weapon on the road to the happy, trouble-free relationship that awaits you.
Souznění u moře
The most important thing to remember, however, is that first and foremost you are you. Many women are so eager to devote themselves completely to their partner that they spend as much time as possible with him, abandoning their hobbies and friends in order to be completely there for him. But a sensible man, more than a devoted dog, appreciates an independent woman who has a life of her own and accompanies him on his journey, rather than following him.