It used to be that everything was recorded in writing. Now, in this age of technology, computers, and cell phones, this hobby has largely disappeared. For many people, expressing themselves in writing is a very frightening prospect. There used to be diaries on a variety of topics and we wanted to have information in black and white. Why are we slowly abandoning this habit?
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What kind of diaries are there?

– Reading diaries
– Travel diaries
– Personal diaries
These are the three basic types of diaries: reading, travel and personal. Others include cooking diaries, fitness diaries, and medical diaries. However, these are more specialized diaries. In the past, these three types were the most common. People often kept all three. Writing was a way for us to identify ourselves and was important for recording things, information, and events.
Reading diaries usually recorded the authors and books they read and brief or very extensive details about them. Children begin keeping this type of diary at an age when they can read. Such a journal should be kept throughout their studies. Old time readers kept this diary throughout their lives. They kept a record of all the books they read.
Travel diaries are for the avid traveler. People of old used to travel often, visiting distant territories and discovering new things to record. Avid travelers also wrote down all their journeys and information about them in their travel diaries. This information is useful, for example, when returning to a place. They can record interesting tips and advice.
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Perhaps the most common type of diary is the personal diary, in which one records private events, thoughts, situations, and secrets that one cannot tell anyone. This type of diary has a long history.
To write a diary is to take oneself away, a kind of relaxation that only the written can provide. A diary is intimate, and one can later go back and recall the information contained in the diary.