Our human souls come from where we were first born as human beings. In other words, it is where we first began to live our lives as human beings. Our journey, our entire life so far, leads us to these places. And we all walk back through other, furtherpast lives, so to speak, through the circle of all past lives, to where we came from and where our own soul will lead us. When we have sorted out all our karma and finished living, we reach the beginning of our own soul\’s journey for the first time. Then we are no longer bound by karma. There will be no more burdensome situations to clear. Then our life will be back to square one.
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Like Hansel in the fairy tale

Spiritual teachers explain that it is the same as when the familiar fairy tale Hansel comes into the world to learn. When Hansel travels the world and accomplishes several tasks, he can return home happy for the first time. And when Honza returns home, he becomes a very different Honza from the one who went out into the world and can choose his reward. For the honza it is a princess, but for us it is knowing who we really are and where our human souls came from. But even that is not the end of our journey. It is nothing less than an exploration of who we are and how we should live. For example,
o If I know my soul is from Egypt, I should live like the people of the East, for example.
o If we find out we are Indian, we should live more in nature and focus on a more alternative lifestyle.
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But this is not something we will know immediately, nor is it something we are forced to do. But someday every human soul will come to that knowledge when all past lives have been experienced and all past relationships have been liquidated. Then we will know who we are. Then we will reach the end of the path. oo Change our lifestyle.
o Change your current mindset.
o Understand what has happened in our lives.
o Why did we have to take this soul journey?