What do you think about education? Because many people are of the opinion that education is really not allowed. I am the same way. To tell you the truth, I have loved learning since I was a little girl. Learning was a great pleasure for me, it was not an obligation or a necessity. For example, my brother really hated learning and my parents really had to force him to learn. I mean, they didn\’t force him, they made him do homework. I mean, it\’s a student\’s duty to do homework, right? And fortunately, I never had that problem. You might wonder why I didn\’t tell my brother, why I didn\’t take care of him, even though we were in the same class.

Mám přečtených mnoho knih.

We were twins, and my brother did not respect me. But in hindsight, that\’s why it would have sucked if I had forced my brother to study. However, my parents didn\’t make much progress, so I never understood why my brother didn\’t want to study. Besides, my brother was very violent and I was calm and rather educated. So many people wondered how many times we were twins.

Škola mě vždycky bavila.

Yes, we are very similar, but very different in personality. I am rather calm and my brother is a bit more wild. We still got along well, so I didn\’t mind, but we had really different ideas about education. Now that I\’m an adult, you know how that turned out? I have two colleges and my brother has two teaching jobs. My brother has an electromechanical department and a lathe department. My brother is so busy working that he can\’t even keep up with his own claims. There are really few craftsmen now, and they are so busy that they can\’t even keep up with their work. Speaking of study and education, what do you do? What kind of schools do you attend and what kind of education do you receive?