Today, Christmas is already a little commercial holiday, and few people take it in the traditional form that people have been accustomed to for centuries. Today they are mainly about gifts, money and family visits. Few people remember Jesus and his birth. Christmas is actually another holiday after Halloween, and you can learn more at[9

The Christmas E tradition has long been held, but there are several variations. Let\’s see how it was originally.
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The Biblical Story of the birth of Jesus
The Holy Spirit enters the Mother of Jesus and she becomes pregnant even though she is a virgin. For the census, they go to Bethlehem, but there is no place for them under the roof, so they have to sleep in the barn where Jesus himself will be born Mother wraps him in a diaper and puts him in a manger. The angel of the Lord will appear, and a savior will be born in the barn, and the shepherds who told them to save their people will come. Also came the sages, who saw the stars and brought gifts such as gold, incense and myrrh.
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The history of Christmas
Christians began to celebrate Christmas in the 3rd and 4th centuries. In the Middle Ages, Christmas was a public important event. Alcohol and gambling were involved. On the territory of the Czech Republic, the tradition of vigil and fasting was observed. Gifts were like bribes – they were given to the boss or boss. By 17 o\’clock at the end of the XIX century, traditions were passed on to families with all customs and even customs. Also, Christmas was canceled several times and banned as a pagan holiday in mainly English-speaking countries and colonies. Then on the Czech lands it was allowed to bake Christmas cakes, but it was forbidden to make manger in the church, so the mass production of homemade Nativity scenes began. Charles Dickens wrote a Christmas carol to help us understand Christmas as a holiday of family, generosity and goodwill.

In each country, Christmas is celebrated a little differently, and today even gifts are worn by someone else. In some countries, Christmas is not an officially recognized holiday – Thailand, Japan, Laos. They are rejected mainly because of their connection with Christianity.

what about you? Do you celebrate Christmas commercially or in an original way?