Steam irons have invaded our homes in the last century. For women, it saved them the trouble of spraying their laundry and made ironing faster and easier. Every housewife wanted one. The first models not only steamed, but also sprayed water if that was not enough. Distilled water was poured over the iron.
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Today, the most popular and affordable models are much more sophisticated. They have an automatic shut-off feature to prevent accidents in the home. A popular feature is the descaling function, which allows the iron to generate steam using tap water. The irons are self-cleaning. There is also an option to steam drapes, suits, and garments on hangers vertically.
Steam washing machinesare becoming more common in homes. Steam washing is gentler on clothes, significantly reduces washing time, and removes unwanted bacteria and allergens. Of course, steam washing machines also use water, but steam is an indispensable helper. Steam is also a winner for hard-to-remove stains. Clothes after steam use treat fibers better and are easier to iron.
Steam showersturn ordinary shower rooms into spas. Even if you don\’t have space for a steam cabin, you can easily create a steam room by attaching accessories to your existing shower stall.
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Steam cleanersare already making their way into homes thanks to their features. Residents of houses and apartments with lots of windows will appreciate the steam assistants made for them. It can dust ceilings and walls, thoroughly and quickly clean most types of floors, and then dry them. It can even clean blinds and radiators. It can also revive the color of carpets and upholstery. It can also clean bathrooms and toilets. In the kitchen, it dissolves and removes grease and cleans ovens. The set of attachments makes it versatile and can be cleaned using only tap water without the addition of cleaning agents.