I know everyone has dreams of what they want to be. But if you stop dreaming and learn, you can make it happen. But life is full of obstacles. You\’re in high school and you\’re studying like crazy, but you\’re not very good at some subjects, but those are the ones you need for higher education. Maybe it\’s time to start looking for another school.
But be warned! You need to look for studies that you will not only enjoy, but that will ultimately support you. Unfortunately, there are many colleges where you can get a degree but not apply yourself in the field. Some graduates have even concluded that they will become apprentice craftsmen in addition to their degree because there are so few artisans and they need to earn a living.
spolužáci v knihovně
Today, people despise apprenticeships and force their children to take grammar school or other schools that end with a high school diploma, but what next? If they don\’t leave grammar school and continue their studies, they end up as supermarket cashiers and replenishers.
And if your child doesn\’t have the brains to get a high school diploma and is going to struggle anyway, won\’t have fun, and will be preparing for four brutal years, then you might consider that an apprenticeship might be more appropriate.
Just as times have advanced in the manufacture of safer vehicles and the development of electronics, so apprenticeships must also adapt.
student a knihovna
Being a skilled craftsman is better than being an inspired unemployed person.
After graduation, some people have to find further work to earn money. Thus, they work very many hours a day for multiple employers (or for self-employment), resulting in an average salary barely and no personal life.
In these schools, they are just wasting their time. In fact, some students study for five years and get a red diploma, but are unable to work in their field for very long and find a job with an apprenticeship certificate that is sufficient. (Assuming they had completed their apprenticeship with a high school diploma before entering college)
Families often mentioned that studying medicine, law, and journalism were promising, especially at prestigious schools. Families would try to motivate their children to study medicine, law, and journalism as promising and particularly prestigious schools.
However, it is sad to see students being kicked out during their first year or quitting on their own because they are studying too much and not enjoying it. After hanging around part-time jobs for a bit, they try to take entrance exams in places they find interesting now.
Sometimes, even the second attempt does not work out. When that happens, the person gets fed up and doesn\’t want to continue his or her education.
However, they persevere and continue to study, and some of them have even found jobs where they are employed full time after passing the state exam.
The ability and ease of learning a foreign language is irreplaceable. Not only does it make finding a job much easier, but continued improvement can lead to a job abroad.