Yes, it has happened to you. Your worst nightmare has come true, you have to end a long-term relationship, and what\’s more, you have children who will never allow you to fully and definitively break up. The relationship ends and many children live in incomplete families. Often with their mothers. It does not matter whether the father leaves or the mother leaves, the child usually stays with the mother.
Matka s dcerou, mateřská láska, mateřství.
Any mother who has ever been alone will know what we are talking about. Your relationship ends and suddenly you and your offspring, the child, are here. For a man, this is not a problem unless he has directly left another woman. He has plenty of opportunity to meet someone and develop a new relationship. Typically, he spends about 15% of his time with his children. Women, on the other hand, mothers are with their children 85% of the time, taking care of them.
By this disproportion, we are merely trying to prove and point out how difficult it is for single mothers after a breakup and how uncertain their future is. They take care of their children, go to work, and have no time for social activities or for themselves without their children. During this time, women will make new acquaintances and perhaps find new partners among them.
Once they realize they are childless, they spend their childless time cleaning, working, earning money, etc., which would not be enough if they had children. This is a vicious cycle, and many women suffer from this situation.
So, do these women have the opportunity to meet potential new partners? They could wait until they meet a good person in such a window, but the chances of this happening are very slim and they will probably have to wait a long time.
Láska, vztahy, nový začátek.
These lonely women might try to date, but again they will miss the time to meet men. Furthermore, single mothers have a very different problem than spending time on dating sites.
These women must not lose hope, they must believe and know that they too are worthy of happiness. If they do not turn their backs, they will surely find a new partner in time.