Once a month we “meet” our “bitch”. Without menstruation we would not be able to continue reproducing, and because we are strong women we can cope with menstruation. Some of us suffer a lot of pain “before” and “during” our periods. We usually try to control the pain with painkillers, but their effects vary and unfortunately the body quickly gets used to them.

žena držící tampon a menstruační kalíšek

Another tricky situation is when we run out of toiletries and have to go to the drugstore for new ones. Buying a pad that is afraid to go outside to “leak” can make you forget about bathing in the tub or pool for a few days! Tampons, on the other hand, often cause itching and discomfort, but at least they give you more freedom of movement.

But that\’s not all. All disposable sanitary products during menstruation take a toll on nature; just look at how much non-recyclable waste we throw away with each period.

And here\’s the thing! Do you have a solution? That\’s right. A menstrual cup! Would you like to try it? This new-age gadget is in growing demand among working women.

What is it?

It is a device that repeatedly captures menstrual blood. As the name implies, it is shaped like a cup into which menstrual blood flows. It is replaced, on average, two to five times a day, depending on the intensity of the menstruation. The size also depends on the woman\’s age and the intensity of her menstruation. It may take some time to learn as it does not go as deep as a tampon, but don\’t worry, it takes practice. Remove it from the vagina, wash it well with hot water, and boil it in hot water between cycles. Special tablets are also available. They are made of gentle materials such as latex, soft silicone, or thermoplastic. There are a variety of shapes and sizes to choose from!

What are the advantages?

The cups are economical and environmentally friendly. These are the main advantages It saves a lot of money on the purchase of hygiene products. The price ranges from 400 to 1,500 yen, but it is a one-time investment that pays for itself in a few months. It also protects the environment and eliminates the need to collect unnecessary trash that cannot be recycled. If you learn how to insert the cups correctly, you won\’t even know you have them. It won\’t get in the way when playing sports or swimming, and you can forget about the uncomfortable itchiness.
hromádka jednorázových vložek

A final piece of advice: get a set of cloth napkins to prevent leakage at first until you “get used” to using them properly


If you are interested in this idea, don\’t hesitate. You can buy them online or in a physical store.