The first prototypes of sofa bags and sacks were an innovation in the furniture industry.

Attractive to look at – There are several reasons why sofa bags were successful in the market, one of them being their appearance. Manufacturers try to offer truly unusual and often very striking designs, and they use pastel color schemes not usually seen in the furniture and clothing industry. In this category, larger sized bags with nylon covers stand out in particular, offering two-tone designs, or reversible solutions. One day, the surface of the bag is pink, the next day, turn the bag over and the pink is on the bottom, the top is turquoise blue, or yellow, purple, pea green, in short, there are many possibilities, it just depends on your personal taste.

dívka na sedacím vaku

Warm-up – In the very early days of production, polystyrene crumb, a waste product from the manufacture of polystyrene insulation, was placed inside the bags, but soon the bags did not adapt well to the human body shape It was discovered that the bags did not adapt well to the shape of the human body, so the production of filler material was shifted to a more precise shape, i.e. polystyrene balls of the same size. These are now used in most products and are not only highly adaptable but also excellent at insulating body heat. Sitting on such a bag is like sitting on a bed with a comforter over you; you are surrounded by a warm layer and are not cold.

sedací vaky na písku

Can be taken out into the yard – When you have visitors and decide to entertain them in the yard, on the lawn, under the pergola, or on the pool deck, you can take your bag outside. You can wash them outside with a hose if they are rubberized on the inside, without worrying about sun or rain. They are also useful when the bag is covered with sauce from a plate. Simply wash the surface with regular detergent and water, or if it is a major accident, the contents can be drained and the cover washed in a washing machine.