It should be noted that at the beginning of the article the last accounting period in which a full year of business was conducted is considered. In the case of a financial institution, the basis is net revenues; conversely, in the case of a consolidated entity, the final revenues of its foreign subsidiaries are also included. If a company\’s fiscal year differs from the calendar year, the revenues of the fiscal year to which the highest month of the calendar year belongs are included. Thus, the ranking below will deal with the five companies with the highest revenues in 2017.Firma, moderní, kancelář
1. ŠKODA AUTO a.s. – 407.4 billion CZK
The largest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic. The largest production plant and headquarters are located in Mlada Boleslav. Therefore, it is the company with the highest sales not only in 2017, but also going back at least five years.
2. ČEZ, a.s. – CZK 201.9 billion
It is the largest power company in the Czech Republic, but thanks to its parent company ČEZ Group, dozens of other companies are gathered here. ŠKODA AUTO a.s. is the second largest employer in the Czech Republic, as it is the first.
3. AGROFERT, a.s. – 155.1 billion Czech kroner
A conglomerate that mainly deals with agriculture, food, chemical, and media industries, with over 250 subsidiaries.Schůzka, plánování
4. Energetický a průmyslový holding, a.s. – SEK 153.4 billion
It has about 50 companies in Europe, covering the entire value chain. In other words, it covers everything from lignite mining to heat and electricity production and distribution.
5. ALPIQ ENERGY SE – CZK 139.2 billion
This company is headquartered in Switzerland, but is included in this table because it owns power plants with a total installed capacity of 6,441 MW in the Czech Republic in addition to Switzerland and other European countries