This time of winter is extremely difficult for many college students. Time moves relentlessly, vacations become faded memories, and students are forced to return to reality. Some students throw everything away until the last minute, while others spend weeks studying. But one thing is certain: time management is important.
Many become increasingly trapped in an endless loop of alternating study and procrastination as exams approach. Some stay mostly confined to their homes. Some forget to eat, drink, or even sleep. This takes a tremendous toll on them mentally and physically, and they are more likely to become grumpy and give up. So what is the best prevention?
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1. Plan
It may sound like a cliché, but proper planning can actually make the whole study process easier. Not only will you be forced to do a certain amount each day, but more importantly, you will not have to study for a whole semester the day before exams. Some of the anxiety about the future and the fear of not being able to keep up with your studies will disappear.
2. Pomodoro
Tip 2. is related to planning and also to time management. The Pomodoro Technique is a way of organizing time. In the Pomodoro Technique, study time can be divided into two phases: work and rest. The work (study) phase lasts 25 minutes and is separated by a break phase of 3 to 5 minutes; after four cycles, a break of 15 to 30 minutes is taken.
How many times have you worked on a task for hours and hours without a break, only to feel your productivity and motivation slowly dwindle? This technique allows you to stay focused for longer periods of time and, most importantly, prevents mental slumps due to fatigue. By allowing yourself pre-planned breaks, you can eliminate unscheduled breaks to think about other things or procrastinate.
3. Physical Activity
Physical activity is known to have a significant effect on the mind. But does it also have an effect during study? If the fact that you feel much better and more motivated than ever is not enough, being active also guarantees better concentration. Not to mention the prevention of back pain. Probably everyone has experienced the uncomfortable pain that comes from sitting behind a monitor or on top of a book all day long.
In conclusion, physical activity does not necessarily have to be strenuous. Just a short walk is fine!
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4. Rest
As with the above physical activities, rest is a surefire way to clear your head. But for now, stay off your cell phone and do something calming instead. Something that makes you happy. Get together with friends, do a creative activity, watch a movie. The only requirement is that you enjoy the activity.
You may wonder where you\’ll find the time to relax during such a hectic time of year. …… Believe me, just spending a few minutes a day doing something you love, even if it\’s just a few minutes a day, can have a miraculous effect on your mental state.

Try incorporating these points into your study habits. Good luck!