There are several undeniable benefits to studying abroad for both high school and college students. First, as already mentioned, this is an indisputable plus not only in terms of studying the language, but also in terms of studying in general (new culture, different..). Many former students also make sure they are much more self-sufficient and more determined abroad. In addition, in the resume of a job seeker, such a thing can be determined in your favor. Why not try it?
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Parents may have concerns about their safety abroad if the student is not yet of legal age. Such fears are understandable, especially if this is the first stay of the child far from home. Nevertheless, they are unfounded. Within the framework of a proven program, its pages can be found on the Internet, children are placed in the school chosen by appointment and admission (there is also the support of staff). According to the available information about the student, a verified suitable host family will be selected. Everything continues to be controlled by agencies that deal with related issues. Thus, the highest possible comfort and the best background for all customers is ensured.
Yes – money can be a problem. Some studies abroad are more expensive than others, but there are also very lucrative offers. For example, in universities. In the UK being paid, it is quite possible to get the scholarships offered to you. The contract has conditions on how to repay this scholarship – and these are more than favorable. The rule here is that you need to repay only after you leave school (that is, you do not have to worry about it during attendance), and only if you have reached a certain salary limit (about 30 thousand – the school can be different). At the moment when you do not reach the salary, for example, more than 3 million, no one will demand repayment from you. This rule is also introduced in accordance with the prestige of schools and universities, which assume that they can provide such an education in excess of the salary of 3 million.
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List of countries
Which countries are most often served? The list of the most common of them will certainly not surprise you. They can be the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Austria, or the United States. For a more detailed offer, it is worth finding a specific agency for which you will eventually travel abroad. The system of offers and information is very sophisticated and beneficial for better decisions.