There are many small plants growing and blooming all around us that can be arranged in a vase just like a giant bouquet. They are not just daisies and clovers. They may look like very ordinary flowers to us. Let\’s give them a chance and let them bloom , small but attractive and pleasantly fragrant. For example, among the flowers in the meadow:
** are also very small plants. The flowers are barely larger than a fingernail or even smaller. And yet, they are suitable for vases and small vases. It is very small, which is what makes it so attractive.

A handful of flowersIt is easy to make a flower from such a flower. Just pick a few flowers of the same kind and put them in a small container of water. Any small, simple container in the kitchen can be used as a vase. For example,
*medicine bottle
*milk jug
*sugar jug
*pepper shaker
< img alt=”*” height=”12″ src=”” [69] gif” width=”12″/> sauce pots
*mocha coffee cups
– However, these small flowers require frequent water refills and frequent container cleaning.
– Choose only flowers that are plentiful and uncommon in the area. [even if they are unsightly, they make a wonderful bouquet when arranged in a vase.

Glass vases

If you do not have a suitable vase on hand, glass vessels for compotes are useful. Covering the surface of the water with flowers is a beautiful and decorative touch.
dvě sedmikrásky

Trees and shrubs

But you can also find beautiful flowers in vases that bloom on shrubs and trees. They, too, offer us the beauty, fragrance, and texture of flowers. When combined with meadow flowers, they can create a beautiful composition in a vase.