because after an acute situation where the whole world was hit by a new type of virus called the coronavirus, suddenly there was an emergency situation that had to be addressed immediately. The current solution is for children to stay home, as the government has decided to close all types of schools. However, in this tight situation, parents cannot take care of their children because they have to go to work. So the companies will take care of them instead. Workers babysit for their partners who do not want to be with their children while they are at work. On the other hand, in any job, the employer does not want or need the child to be with the parent while at work. This is why businesses exist.Recepční,která je součástí firmy

Many parents now have to stay home with their peers. Office workers and entrepreneurs can afford to stay home, but jobs like salesman or mail carrier are necessary and compulsory. Single mothers and single mothers are entitled to accident and sickness insurance, but never those who are self-employed. The Ministry of Education has announced that school co-ops will also be closed. School athletic associations, school clubs, school playgrounds, and school cafeterias will be closed until further notice. Businesses may arrange for children to eat on their premises. In essence, the companies take care of them on behalf of their parents. Currently, there is talk of the government raising the wages of Czech companies so that they can support more children. At the same time, the government would support a strategic plan in which businesses would benefit more from the children.Firemní notebook

Those who care for the children of others must sign a labor contract. This is usually a way for the elderly, single mothers, and students to earn money. Today, workers in various enterprises need to earn income in this way. However, some companies require labor contracts. In this type of contract there must be a very clear and simple description of the work activity, environment, and duration. In addition, workers have the right to holidays.