The constant search for a lost identity has accompanied humanity for centuries. Great people try to find the meaning of their existence in greatness in the eyes of others, while others try to find the meaning of their existence in baking the best rolls. We are all searching for meaning and significance of our existence. There is a “driving force” behind every action in our lives. That is why it is interesting to observe the immortal human race. People would not have to change anything and would have time. That is why some people deny it. For example, if Alexander of Macedonia were immortal, he would not be in a hurry to go to India to compete with Achilles before he died.
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Identity is everything .
We are looking for something in life that we can base on, or at least mentally grasp. Nation, ethnicity, faith, philosophy. There are many. Jewsare looking for clues to distinguish themselves as a people who have been persecuted for thousands of years. They are trying to find their identity, now their national identity, in their faith. God\’s Chosen People.” But the same problem is being solved by the countries of the former Eastern bloc. Take the Poles, for example. They are proud of their past, but at the same time they are not the same Poles as they were in the time of the Polish princes. The same goes for the Czechs. We constantly praise the inhabitants of the same territory thousands of years ago, but were they really Czechs? No. Were they Great Moravians? No one knows what the people who lived in Moravia were called. Was Charles IV really a Czech king? The closest to our ideal were the Premyslids. But the Premyslids were also trapped for about 700 years. With the advent of the Internet and the development of science and technology, the identity crisis has become increasingly visible.
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We often encounter belief in a nation. unified culture, language, and so on. The infallible facts that have been drilled into us for generations are not as infallible as they are proclaimed to be. What is it about this nation that we as individuals see so much of ourselves in, even if it is a complete contradiction? What makes a nation a nation? Is there such a thing as a nation? Is it not an illusion, like everything else? What does it really mean to believe in oneself?