Many people do not plan their cleaning. It is easy to get literally lost in a half-cleaned shelf. Hours later, they stand helpless in the middle of the room.
Don\’t worry. This is just a disorganized plan leading to ultimate disorder. Order and a clearly structured plan just go together. I think we all feel that way. So what exactly do we do about it?
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1. Basic Essentials

Clean only one room at a time. Then move on to the next room. Start with the easy ones. For example, if the kitchen needs cleaning, start with the living room. Always clean from top to bottom. In short. When dusting, start at the top of the shelves. The floor should be last.

2. Get rid of everything you don\’t need

The less you have in your home, the less time you will spend cleaning. The math is clear. If you have an accumulation of stuff in your home, make a simple rule. Every time you buy or bring things in, you must get rid of the same things already in your home. That\’s the only way to avoid accumulating stuff. Perhaps it will change the way you think about buying things at the store next time. If that happens, you will have to figure out which everyday items you need to get rid of instead. And your wallet and the planet will thank you. Because not many things are truly necessary for our survival.
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3. Actual Cleaning

Here comes the actual dusting, degreasing, and smelling. Few people like this part. However, it remains an essential part when it comes to cleaning. The good news is that once all the unnecessary stuff is removed, there are almost only smooth surfaces to wash and clean. And they are easy to clean. Especially if you use clever helpers like microfiber cloths. You can save on cleaning supplies. After all, it is your immediate environment, and you don\’t need any more unnecessary chemicals. Try the age-old advice of using baking soda, vinegar, and lemon. There are plenty of ways to do it on the Internet.