If you want to make your child happy, try to take them to an amusement park You can find them in all regions of our country. Here you will find some tips on them.

Are you from Prague? This means that you have a large selection and your child can test them over time.
1 of the most interesting is the giraffe, 1 of the largest in the Czech Republic. It boasts the largest children\’s climbing wall in Europe!
If you are the parent of a good jumper, take him to the Hop Arena, the largest trampoline park in Čestrice.
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But Prague has not only the best parks.South Bohemia, for example, has South Bohemia\’s largest panda amusement park with many attractions, obstacles and trampolines. Then there is the Hopsarium in Ceske Budejovice. It is by far the largest indoor park in the world.

Even in East Bohemia, you will not get bored. In the Fly Zone Park of Hradec Králové, endless fun awaits you. Both small children and their parents will come to their own.
If that\’s not enough, take a look at Tongo Park. Thanks to its thematic look, you will feel like you are somewhere in the middle of the sea.

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[35For example, in Jihlava you can find the largest park under the roof – Robinson. In many attractions, children are enraged until the evening.
If you are a supporter of a more informative and empirical field, Bystčice nad pernětejn offers the Eden Center. With your child, you will learn how to create the way you once did. Try to make soap, learn to sculpt or get to know the farm animals.
děti, hrát, hřiště
Even in Moravia and Silesia, you will not be short.Of particular interest is the Zlín Galaxy. The whole family will learn something about the universe and you will definitely not forget this experience. Do you like cowboys? Then you will feel great in the Western park of Boskovice. Everything is stylishly sweetened like a movie, with animals and many other games and attractions.
And if the outside is beautiful and you want to enjoy it and see something at the same time, the Miniuni resort in Ostrava may be a good choice. You will see all the famous buildings of Europe and maybe learn something.