As in other industries, education is gradually changing. They are approved by the government, regardless of the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of the public. Most of these are minor tweaks, but sometimes something comes up with a really big impact. One of these challenges is the proposal currently being discussed to pay tuition at public universities. This has been completely unheard of in our country until now – after all, one of the basic pillars of our system is free access to education for all.1 It is understandable that this proposal has met fierce resistance from the majority of the public. This means that many people can not afford to study and lose the opportunity to get a college degree that goes against the basic idea of free education already mentioned.


univerzitní kampus


However, this proposal did not come out of nowhere. This is an attempt to improve the conditions of the university. It is a sad fact that universities and colleges are heavily underfunded by the government. Many of them do not have enough money for high-quality equipment and enough professors.


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Of course, we can argue that governments can simply give them more money. But this is not quite possible. We need to be aware of the budget deficit we are running. In addition, there is a previous pandemic – the war in Ukraine, which, needless to say, was not very good for the Treasury. There is not enough money to support higher education.


Indeed, accepting this proposal would mean that many people will not go to college, and it is definitely shameful. But we should not forget that many of them choose the easiest areas only to get a certain degree. But for really serious applicants, there are various scholarships. Thanks to them, even people from really poor families can graduate from college. And their abolition is certainly not considered.