Save money by shopping online. Most e-shops now offer discounts, so take advantage of them! The perfect perfume, a pair of pants for spring, or a new pair of shoes. With our wide selection, there is sure to be something for everyone, plus your wallet will love it. We have prepared a list of truly the best online stores that are very popular, offer high quality merchandise, and are available at a fraction of the price!Dívka s nákupní taškou

Alza is the right choice, where you can buy from the comfort of your home, pick up in store or in a special box. On sale, you will find products with a satisfaction guarantee. In addition to electronics, you can also buy detergents, cosmetics, pet food, and more. Like all e-shops, Alza is quite crowded, so you need to watch out for solidarity and pay attention to the delivery staff.

FAnn perfumery

Here you will find not only perfumes, but also a selection of cosmetics and designer packaged HAAN disinfectant spray versions. You can buy your favorite perfumes starting at 690 Kč, and free shipping is offered on purchases of 700 Kč or more. As with many e-shops, you can learn more about ongoing measures.Kreditní karta a počítač


The huge online store Mall
offers discounts of up to 70% on clothing, 50% on lawn mowers, and more. In addition to discounts and special offers, you can buy everything you need for the home here. Pet food, drugstore, baby items, groceries, and more. Take advantage of the “All Together” campaign to get everything you need for your home.


Clothing, shoes, accessories. You can find it all here, and at great prices. In addition, ZOOT is offering free shipping. Thanks to the exemption, open dispensers are also available. The return period has also been extended. Discounts on women\’s, men\’s, and children\’s clothing. Spring outfits for the whole family.