I am truly glad to be a woman. Being a woman is a special position in society. We women are valued because we are mothers, and without mothers, this world would not exist. Of course, the world would not exist today without men as well. When women are well groomed and happy, everything is wonderful. But there are also cases where a woman is not very happy with herself. Sometimes a woman may be very dissatisfied with herself. This is when a woman is very sad and does not know how to handle herself. Why is that? Perhaps it is because perfect, beautiful women are shown everywhere on TV and in magazines, setting an example for women that they, too, should be perfect. But then there is the awkward situation where women want to be as perfect as the models and pretty women in magazines and advertisements. But is that realistic?

Sebevědomí je pěkné.

There is the example of the Barbie doll. She too is perfect. Beautiful slim waist like a wasp, thin hips, fairly large bust for her body. It is true, for example, that if a Barbie doll were brought to life, it would be impossible and she would be disabled. They say her head is several times bigger than her body. So she would really be disabled.

Netrapte se dokonalými reklamami.

Furthermore, she has unnaturally long legs and a small gait, so if a Barbie doll were brought to life, she would probably have a funny, funny walk. Plus, her cane-like hands don\’t look good either. Besides, I think women with large hips are popular these days anyway. Again, that\’s true if the waist is emphasized, but that\’s not a prerequisite either. I am a woman, and personally I like women with big hips the best. In Angola somewhere, large hips are considered desirable, and they even wear extra mini-skirts to show a little of their hips. Yes, look at them on the computer. I\’ve seen a few pictures and they are quite nice. I would never dare to wear a mini like that, but I must say I like that on women. A woman\’s confidence is very sexy and I would recommend it to anyone. Confidence looks good on any woman, regardless of color or age!