Calvin Richard Klein was born on the 19th. In 1942-11, in the Bronx, New York (USA), he spent his entire childhood. Calvin was the 3rd of 2 children born to Leo and Flow Stern. The family lived a relatively comfortable life and had financial security. Klein gained a love for sewing from his grandmother, who was a seamstress, and his mother encouraged a love of fashion and art. He graduated from the secondary school of arts and Crafts, preparing students for a career and work in advertising. As a young man, he spent all his time studying, sketching fashion design and, of course, sewing while his peers played sports.
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Then he began to study at the respected Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. He graduated in 1962 and then spent five years as an apprentice in a garment factory to hone his skills and design. In 1968, together with his close childhood friend Barry Schwartz, he already founded a coat store named after this world-famous brand at that time. The store was so successful that Klein expanded the range of women\’s sportswear.
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Thanks to the success and good sales, he began to offer tailor-made clothes, began making various collections for both men and women, and finally, began producing jeans He also licensed his men and women clothes, raincoats, fragrances, underwear, stockings, swimwear, glasses, socks, etc., and many other retailers and retailers. Let the manufacturer try to emulate the appearance of his product. The unique design philosophy of this brand is rooted in minimalism, that is, extreme simplicity. Neutral colors, such as gray, black and white, are typical, but this is mainly to make it easier to combine with other clothes and not to beat each other as usual.
He says – simplicity has beauty, and less is sometimes more.