You sit at home watching a romantic movie and wonder how it is possible that some women have that gift and every man is at their feet. We can talk about innate qualities, or we can learn them. Let\’s take a look at some guaranteed tips together and appreciate who you really are.

muž na rande se ženou

Let him speak.

A man likes to feel like a conqueror. They do not want to be taken by women, they feel that it is too cheap. You will do good only if you let your partner try to take care of you. Even if you do not have access, you will not lose anything. Therefore, taking a “quiet and shy” pose can make a much greater impression than drawing attention to one\’s presence in every word.

Keep smiling.

There is nothing more beautiful than when a woman starts to smile. It does not have to be a loud, expressive and disturbing laugh, reminiscent of the roar of a horse, but even if you blink your eyes at the dreamer, laugh a little and then look away, you may be surprised by the final effect.
rande muže a ženy

Take care of yourself.

Without a doubt, all men are most attracted to femininity. Few people want a woman who does not care. You have to use all of your weapons. If you dress well and dress well, you will certainly get a lot of points. Your femininity will most emphasize the dress with heels.

Let them be guardians.

Every person needs to feel needed. Each of them has a protective instinct. Give him the opportunity to show it. Ask for a coat or jacket.

Don\’t talk dirty.

It doesn\’t really make a good impression on anyone if a stream of dirty words spills out of a cute little lady. If you look at your vocabulary, you will become more attractive.

Should not be written first.

Be careful not to flood your dream partner with annoying SMS messages and numerous calls. This behavior will not add to your sex appeal. Let yourself conquer. A man must feel that he is the master of the situation.