The Czechs are a country of animal lovers. Dogs and cats can be found in almost any house or apartment. But it is clear that no matter what kind of animal we have, the approach to it varies from person to person. And this also applies to his involvement in family life. Some argue that the animal is a member of the family and should be treated accordingly, while others argue that it is just an animal, not a person, and should not be confused with it. It is true that even more problems arise when animals become part of your household.

pes na procházce

First of all, there is a simple fact that dogs, cats and other furry animals bark. This is a natural process of changing the winter fur coat for the summer, and vice versa. For their wild relatives it is essential, but for our pets it can be annoying. All you have to do is put on your black pants for a meeting and your dog or cat will lovingly wipe you off before leaving and suddenly they are no longer black. The fact that hair often gets into food and can be found in places you do not expect, for example, in the closet, does not need to be mentioned. It is often not easy to get rid of them.

It should also be taken into account that animals do not wear shoes, except in special cases. In addition, he usually walks on the grass. All the dirt attached to the feet can be taken home. In addition, if there is a carpet in the house, you can despair, because it is very difficult to remove the mud. This is also why most dog owners have reno in their homes.

úklid s domácím mazlíčkem je náročnější

It is also necessary to take into account the fact that animals do not always behave according to our thoughts, or may be sick. Especially in the elderly, as in humans, incontinence can occur due to muscle weakness. This should also be considered.

So, the question is whether you want your pet to be part of the family or leave it in the garden. But the truth is that in the first case, despite the above negatives, you will all be much happier.