Anyone who thinks back to their childhood will at least remember swans flying, car racing circuits, and the once-feared chainsaw. Just like little kids who love roller coasters, roller coasters were, and will always be, a pastime that will never go away. As you know, times have moved on and thrill rides have evolved. From the classic merry-go-round with horses, cars, and unicorns going round and round, to horror houses to car rides that spin 180 degrees horizontally. Adrenaline rides interest mainly adults who go to amusement parks with their children, which is why the number of large amusement parks has been growing rapidly in recent years.
Prater– Perhaps the most popular and one of the oldest amusement parks just across the border from Germany. This amusement park is located in the Leopoldstadt district of Vienna and is open 24 hours a day from January to December, with the best feature being that there is no admission fee.
řetízkový kolotoč
Gardaland– A popular Italian park near the city of Verona that has been on display for over 40 years. 34 different attractions, open daily from May to October from 10:00 to 24:00, with disco laser shows at night Disco laser shows are also held at night. At the same time, visitors can stay at the park\’s theme hotel.
Tivoli– An amusement park near Copenhagen\’s Town Hall Square, this mid-19th century establishment offers everything from classic merry-go-rounds to thrill rides. Culture lovers can also visit the theater and concert hall. The Concert Hall regularly hosts concerts and is located in the center of the park.
Legoland– In addition to rides, Lego enthusiasts can also visit this park, which has been open for about 50 years near the Lego factory in Billund, Denmark. It has many water attractions as well as Lego sculptures, such as the famous Statue of Liberty.
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