This charming town on the Morava River boasts a rich history, founded in the mid-13th century by the second King Přemysl Otakar, but archaeological research conducted in parts of the town has revealed a very large and prosperous settlement dating back to the Great Moravian Empire Archaeological investigations in parts of the town have uncovered a very large and prosperous settlement dating back to the Great Moravian Empire. Because of its importance, the hypothesis that the town was the legendary Veligrad, the residence of the rulers of the Great Moravian Empire and the cultural and economic center of Europe at that time, has not yet been confirmed. Those interested in history should definitely visit this town.
Nádraží v Uherském Hradišti
More precisely, there are three cities, Uherské Hradiště, Staré Město, and Kunovice, with a combined population of nearly 40,000. The historical center of the town is formed by two squares and several streets leading to them. Here, visitors can view the works of famous Moravian painters, friends of Alphonse Mucha, Antonin Slavicek, Rudiek Marold, Dušan Jurković, the Murštík brothers, Leoš Janacek, Auguste Rodin, and other important figures in the art world There is a Yes, it is Joža Urka, whose works depict the daily life of the simple people of Moravian Slovakia.

In addition to the Morava River, the town is also surrounded by the Bata Canal, a man-made waterway. The harbor, already adjacent, is called Staré Město, where motorboats can be rented to make the stay more enjoyable with a water experience. Crossing the border bridge into the old town, you may encounter a piece of Japan on your next trip. A gardening store specializing in bonsai trees greets you with a beautiful “pidistrom” (I hope the name doesn\’t offend bonsai enthusiasts) and a serene atmosphere. Also worth a visit is the local zoo, specifically the KOVO ZOO. Here, a variety of animals made from scrap metal and scrap metal await you tirelessly. There are even whales.
Stuha k slováckému kroji

On the other side of the border, in Knovice, aircraft enthusiasts and admirers can enjoy visiting the Aviation Museum. It can be reached on foot from the train station. Those coming by train from Uherské Hradiště will know that the station is within walking distance of the historic district. So if you are planning a visit to these three cities, you can\’t go wrong by choosing the train. Preferably during the first decade of August. This is when the annual Summer Film School takes place, attracting filmmakers of all ages. There are plenty of side events as well as films. The organizers don\’t forget about the kids either.

The city is also gastronomically pleasant. There is no shortage of places to eat and snack. From inexpensive places to sophisticated restaurants. This is Slovakia, and there is surely a suitable wine cellar in Maujatice, which is part of the town. You might want to make a note on your way home: