Are you one of those people who say you don\’t need a massage? Do you think it\’s not fun and a waste of time OK, we\’re not trying to convince you. On the contrary, your other half (usually a woman) will be glad to have some money left in her purse and will enjoy a relaxing massage on your behalf.
She knowsexactly what she is doing and why she is doing it. And while she may have invited you to massage her, you are a pillar of salt. Men usually think of massage as a kind of caress, something only women can do.

rehabilitační masáž

Gentlemen,massage is a caressbut massage can be extremely painful! Aren\’t you afraid of this pain? We don\’t think so. Becauseto be able to do it,to make ourselvesfeel good,we want to be one level above!
To be able to accept that we want to take care of ourselves (and )

without worrying.
Everything that is nice and comfortable for us, we don\’t need to enjoy… We “only” have to pamper ourselves. Going for a massage is, above all, to thank our bodiesfor serving us. In addition to massage, age-appropriate exercises should be chosen to avoid back pain.

kolonáda v lázeňském parku

There are many things you can do for your health. Exercise. Get a massage. Go to a soothing spa or hot spring. Relax in a spa. And the state will contribute 4,000 crowns for your spa stay!

Even if you don\’t think you need a spa or massage, I can assure you that you do. Your joints and muscles need rest and relaxation. If you are busy working or constantly moving one way or the other, your muscles will overload, contract,and lock up.