I know it very well myself. I am a high school student and I have been learning English since the first grade, you know? I\’m glad I know at least the basics, but I\’m not too sure either. Present tense, pre-present tense, past tense? No, I barely know those anymore, and we have English three times a week. To be honest, there are no competent teachers who can teach English in school either. I would like to learn English too, but how?
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Nowadays, knowing English is almost a prerequisite. English courses tend to be very expensive and good teachers seem to have disappeared. Self-study doesn\’t seem so bad, but where to start? I have been surfing the web and found an app called Duolingo. It perfectly captured everything I was looking for.

Duolingo is a fun app that works based on given principles. The first principle is that you learn by levels (starting with “he” and “she”) and gradually, depending on your level of language ability, you are provided with texts to translate. Sometimes it is very simple sentences to be translated, sometimes just words. If you don\’t know the correct answer, you can press the hint button to continue. All come with pictures and listening.
Duolingo offers several levels, during which you can learn the basics as well as tenses, correct sentence structure, and new vocabulary. During the levels, you will learn different categories such as pronouns, animals, past tenses, etc. In this way, the app guides you through all the pitfalls of the English language and yet proves that learning doesn\’t necessarily have to be boring.
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This app is free and there are many other languages you can learn besides English. The only step you need to take before getting started is to register. It costs nothing to register and you don\’t need anything. The only important thing here is that you can safely return to your current level at any time.