Love is a beautiful emotion that many people long for. Not everyone can fulfill this desire, even if they actively seek it. There are many possible reasons. Women seek an ideal partner when they have high demands on their partner\’s appearance, height, weight, and behavior. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find the ideal partner, and when we do, we win. It is more obvious, then, that we choose our first partner, whether it be in appearance or assets. But the beginning of a new love is always beautiful. Each partner tries to impress the other with something.
zamilovaný pár
Men often take women out to fine restaurants, on trips, to the movies or other cultural events. Once a relationship begins, women pay close attention to themselves, buying new clothes and cosmetics to please their new partner as much as possible. This kind of infatuation lasts for several months. Of course, there are exceptions where it lasts longer. If the partners have been together for a long time, such courtships break down. Different opinions on the matter may be expressed and arguments may ensue. For example, when making plans for the future, each has a different view. Most often, the problem arises when planning for children or agreeing on the number of future children.
svatební obřad
Sometimes arguments arise for financial reasons. Most of the time, partners are trying to work through a crisis. The affection between two people is very different after a few years than it is at the beginning of a relationship. A typical example is a couple who have been married for several years and have young children. The man comes home late from work and his wife is on maternity leave and takes care of the young child all day. Meanwhile, the wife cleans, cooks, answers the phone, and irons the husband\’s clothes so that he can go to work in clean clothes. When she returns home from work, she often eats dinner and watches TV. There is a lack of communication between the couple; they argue constantly, the wife is annoyed by her husband\’s behavior, and he shows no interest in their children. The wife feels lonely and is raising the children alone.