Celebrating motherhood and appreciating the role of mothers has a long history. Already in ancient Greece, the fertility of women who became mothers was celebrated. This worship was later incorporated into Roman religion, where women were equated with the Great Mother, and as early as the 16th century in England, it was celebrated during the Lenten season before Easter under the name Mothering Sunday. On this day, servants were given a day off. Thus, they could visit their mothers and go to local churches with other relatives. It was not until the 20th century that this international holiday was officially celebrated. It is named after Anna Reeves Jarvis. This social activist fought for the rights of mothers during the American Civil War.

Společná večeře s maminkou

And in addition to caring for wounded soldiers, she succeeded in creating a Mother\’s Day service club, and in 1907, at the urging of her daughter, the first service was held in her memory. Her daughter also wanted to honor her memory, and in 1914 President Wilson declared Mother\’s Day an official holiday celebrating motherhood. Mothers did not work, clean, or cook on this day. And children brought small gifts and flowers. Carnations were the symbol. In our country, this holiday has been celebrated since 1923, and its greatest promoter was Alice Masaryk. She was a famous fighter for women\’s rights. She worked hard to improve women\’s education and social status. After World War II, this holiday was largely forgotten. It was then replaced by International Women\’s Day in March. It was not until 1989 that Mother\’s Day was officially celebrated. Today, both holidays are celebrated in our country. Both are now celebrated in our country, although neither is considered a national holiday.

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If you are wondering what to give your mother or how to celebrate Mother\’s Day together, know that less is more. A thoughtful handmade card, flowers that don\’t have to be bought. Flowers picked from the meadow are the best. Or a long-lasting potted plant. Bonbonniere, fine chocolates, a favorite dessert. The taste is unmistakable. A visit to a restaurant together may be the best way to please your mother. As always, prepare nothing, but invite her as a guest.