The most popular trend in Korea is “ulsan”. Literally translated, it means the best face. Korean women are obsessed with beautiful skin and use only high-quality cosmetics. They even wear masks several times a week, which is considered an occasional luxury in the Czech Republic. However, one must take into account that cosmetics in our country are much more expensive than in Korea. Korean women apply makeup in such a way that it looks as natural as possible and is as easy on the skin as possible. Concealer, BB cream, natural shades of shadow, thin brown lines, eyebrow pencils, mascara, and not to forget lipstick. Since the focus is on the perfect face, the outfits tend to be very simple, but cleverly put together. Ulzan belongs to the unisex trend, but Ulzan girls are most often seen in it.
pěkná asiatka
Net tights, layering, and high-waisted pants can be said to have been rediscovered, improved, and worn by Koreans a year or two earlier than us. Thetrendof wearing net stockings under pants was worn here in 2016. Here it was a year later. If layering doesn\’t ring a bell, it might be, for example, wearing an oversized T-shirt under a strappy dress like a spaghetti strap. As for high-waisted, the first form of the trend was the flared skirt, which started being worn in Korea in 2012 and was often paired with oversized sweaters. Pastel colors are always seen, but never a crazy trend. Korean girls especially love the subtle look. However, there are rules to this trend as well. The ideal outfit consists of items in neutral colors, with one or two pastel elements enlivening the outfit. These include pastel coats, berets, and handbags.
Pair fashion is another trend that came from Korea. It is the practice of couples coordinating their outfits to look like they are together. Coordination can take many forms, including accessories and colors. If they have children, they often coordinate their children\’s outfits as well, so that they look like a family. If you are single, don\’t despair. In fact, this trend is popular among girlfriends and siblings alike.