You wouldn\’t pay 4,000 kroner for a designer jacket. But a 70% discount is a different story. But where do you find such a thing? The answer is simple. Outlet stores. If you make the right choice, you can save thousands of kroner.

modní oděv

Outlet stores are stores that sell hundreds of pieces of designer clothing each year at an average discount of around 50%. In such stores, one can dress from head to toe at affordable prices.

However, you may not always find the piece you want. Don\’t despair. There are already so many outlets these days that there is always the possibility of stumbling upon one somewhere.

You have to take into account that the most common sizes will sell out in the beginning and it is possible that only sizes S and XL are left. Moreover, these are not used items. The bottom line is that when retailers need to free up space in their regular stores, this is where the merchandise goes.

When you go shopping, don\’t plan exactly what you want to buy. It is much better to let things happen. You shouldn\’t get hung up on one color or cut.

Spend enough time shopping. If you get carried away with shopping, the day can go by in a blink of an eye. Many stores close as early as 8 pm.

When it gets cold, it is alternately warm inside the store and cold outside, which can be a bit unsettling.

Parking is never a problem. It is right in front of the outlet and it is free. However, it is also possible to use public transportation.

Are you far from the nearest outlet? Don\’t despair. For example, Aucro\’s website is not an outlet, but you can get things at nice prices.