Let\’s step away from the secular for a moment and talk about how men actually live in the 21st century. They are often deceived by appearances, although it is easy to assume that they are not so much amused by them. Many men are struggling. Whether it be healthy eating habits or other aspects of their lives besides food. Many of us have bad habits from home that we should at least consider. Of course, the biggest sin for most men is that they were raised as boys. What does that mean?výzva, volnost

  • some freedom
  • less strict prohibitions
  • less responsibility
  • mommy-ism
  • 13;

That is all. Many men cannot cook, nor can they tidy up enough to be called cleaners. They can\’t shop, they can\’t do housework. Some might argue that half of the things listed are women\’s jobs. But when you watch various TV shows, reality shows, videos and documentaries, you see people who would be absolutely impossible to exist normally without ladies and gentlemen. And think of it this way. Are you going to depend on the beer in the fridge and the sirloin being grilled on Sundays for the rest of your life?

I can\’t lie. I go to work, do what I love, go on fun drives with friends. But then something God forbid happens, like a divorce or a death, and suddenly your world falls apart.

Many men also cannot manage their finances well enough. Therefore, in some Czech families, the rule remains that the man brings the money and the woman manages it and puts it in her purse, because “the old man will do it all over again.”svobodný člověk

As the world moves forward and more women (and men) step out of their mothers\’ kitchens, perhaps it is time to change this ingrained mentality. Perhaps if we men were more self-sufficient, we would lead happier lives, or at least find women who appreciate us.