When we decide to fly for vacation, we very often consider when is the right time to buy a ticket, so that it costs as little money as possible.
Air tours, now we talk about the most common ways of vacation: airfare, accommodation, food, in other words, all-inclusive vacation. If you have already chosen this method of vacation, then in most cases you will choose a vacation through a travel agency that will help you choose, and all your requirements will be met.
There are 2 ways to buy a vacation to save money, but both have pitfalls.
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The first minute
The first option is to buy a vacation, so if we take the fact that we go on vacation during the summer, it is the end of the previous calendar year. Therefore, we know that we want to go on vacation in the summer of 2019, so on the 10th or 11th month it is time to visit a travel agency, book an air trip by the end of 2018 and buy it. However, buying a holiday in advance is not necessary to know whether certain pitfalls, especially if unexpected events occur during the period of the purchase of the holiday and the departure itself. Of course, the trip can be canceled, but we will never get back the full amount that we put into it. Buying this advance vacation represents an important saving.
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Last minute
The second option is to buy a vacation at the last minute, that is, a few days before the departure itself. The downside is that there are no longer many destinations and hotel options, and the prices are lower because they are full of unsold places. The choice of last-minute vacation is quite narrow. If you know you want to go out in a larger group, this is probably not the right choice, as the number of seats can\’t be booked in advance. Prices are also significantly lower here.
If we buy a trip between these two options sometime, we will pay for it in full.