Do the stars really control our health?

This time we will look at the disease not from a medical point of view, but from a star and astrological point of view. From an astrological point of view, illness isloss of harmony. Health Issues Our bodies are warning us that something is wrongin our lives. Eachsign of the Zodiac, like everyone else, has its pros and cons and reveals a possible tendency for certain types of physical and health problems What do you think the stars should look out for?
Ambitious rams often suffer from headaches. In addition, they may experience kidney problems, stomach problems, or back and lower back pain. The lamb should give himself more time and rest.
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Lazy bulls may have problems with overweight. On the contrary, an irrational sense of responsibility causes tension in the nape and stiffens the back. Enjoy regular exercise and massage!
In Gemini, breathing difficulties, problems with the hips, hips and thighs can occur. They develop neurological diseases. Be surrounded by nice people and do breathing exercises.
Stomach problems, gastritis and ulcers are all threatening cancer. Kidney disease is accompanied by sacrificial cancer. In your difficulties, think about your relationship, self-promotion exercises and sports will benefit you.
Heart disease is very common with this strong sign. Rhythm disorders, hypotension and angina, diseases that should also be prevented by not losing modesty.
When Virgo gets sick, he suffers from digestive disorders (bloating, colic, cramps), sleep disorders and various anxieties. Treat yourself to an occasional cleansing diet and regular exercise.
Scales are associated with all paired organs. They suffer from pain not only in the kidneys, lungs, but also in the knees. Observe the correct diet and drinking regime. Avoid supercooling.
For the health of Scorpio, it is important how it removes waste products and contaminants from the body. If difficulties arise, they appear with inflammation of the bladder, constipation or diarrhea. For them it is important to thoroughly cleanse the body.
Sagittarius suffers from joint problems, stiffness and muscle shortening, and can not avoid diseases such as diabetes and allergies. Refresh yourself with a massage, a stay in the sauna or a mud wrap.
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Kidney pain and kidney stones, joint pain and rheumatism are one of the frequent frustrations of Capricorn.1 Capricorn needs to take care of the correct posture. Massage and exercise therapy are available.
Aquarius develops mental disorders, calf cramps, hypertension, heart rhythm disorders. You can benefit from regular foot care and massage.
Fish have a sensitive immune system. They are at risk of developing problems with the feet in the form of sweating, allergies, swelling, etc. Reflexology Focuses on foot massage, sports activities and sauna visits.