It is said that humans are social creatures, and this statement is supported by the fact that we constantly maintain a variety of relationships. However, relationships are not always beneficial; rather, they often turn into harmful ones. How can we tell the difference?

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Family Relationships

When we are born, we first develop relationships with our parents and siblings. These are the fundamental human bonds that determine how our other social interactions will develop. If family relationships are peaceful and loving, then a person has laid a good foundation for future life in society and can be considered to know how to both receive and give love. We often inherit our parents\’ behavior patterns into adulthood, as well as our own romantic relationships. Our relationships with our siblings also determine how our friendships develop. And our relationships with our grandparents shape our attitudes toward older people, or other generations. Those who do not get along with their own families from a young age are often ostracized by society in the future, making it difficult for them to develop further relationships.

Love relationships

Most people just need love to survive. Some crave to have a family, others crave someone who will make them theirs first and foremost. Love is an emotion that warms the most frozen hearts but can cause many other problems. Not all people can spend the rest of their lives with one person, and some seek short-term relationships that end when the infatuation cools.

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Another important aspect of life is friendship. We can read about it in books, see it in movies, and hear about it from many people, but it is always a little different. A friend is someone we can confide in, talk to, and tell the truth, no matter what the consequences. But many people confuse friendships with superficial relationships that we build just because we want someone to hang out with or exchange ideas with.