My example for a relationship was my grandparents. I have always admired them. After years of marriage, they welcomed each other with kisses and a warm dinner on the table. They cleaned on Saturdays and only spent the weekend when the family invited them to lunch on Sundays and took afternoon walks and trips. During the week, my grandmother stayed at home, taking care of the home as much as she could, cleaning, washing, and my grandfather went to work. He left early in the morning and returned in the evening. It seems outdated to you. Today, relations are based on eternal grievances and accusations. The girl is raised by her mother as a princess.
Zedník s míchačkou
 The boy is raised as a spoiled son who does not think about responsibility, skills and approach to work. Which parent does not open the way for the child? The level of responsibility, humility and respect for others are often on a negative threshold. Why do men prefer not to work and take care of their family? We need to look for answers in early childhood. This male status is no longer allowed to their sons by mothers who met them in the already mentioned way. And we, their girlfriends, wives, wives, daughters, continue many times… And we complain. Emancipation overshadowed the reasons, eyes, judgments, thanks to which the relationship also falls into ruin. It seems that men are more likely to be led as women and women are more likely to be placed in male roles. In many homes, women can approach men\’s work in a way that surpasses men. They drive cars, buses, trucks and long distance cars, motorcycles, they run the company, you see them in the welding of concrete, construction sites, driving wheels completely on the brim, fighting wars. It should be like this. How do you feel when you see women in these positions? And now the figure of a man at home is on maternity leave, cooking, sewing, washing and cleaning. It does not sit well with you. We are supposed to think of relationships as a fight for supremacy, or a proof that I can do better than others. Women know how to stand up to work by pushing men into the background, without giving them a little space to become men. The defense of men is their indifference, looking for other relationships or returning to the mom hotel. They prefer to focus on their work, their company, where they are needed, where they are valued, where they are praised by their bosses, where someone listens to them, adores them, and everything else for money. Perhaps watching his wife do the work of a man, raising children on his own, taking care of the family and at the same time working on his own, he should be more than himself, but he certainly does not want to compete, fight for the championship or argue. He wants peace at home. We must realize what we really want. We want a functioning family where we have a person at home.
Žena v domácnosti
We can rely on him, trust him, consult about everything, and also make decisions together. Patience and tolerance are in place. Not having everything right away is the first thing you have to accept. Men think differently. After all, how should a useless person at home feel, he is asked to work, to feed the family, and he does it. Then we know that he can no longer cope with caring for children, households, cooking and washing.  It is well known that women can do more. Women need to allow men to feel like men. Let\’s forgive ourselves the urge to do everything for a man. Let\’s keep the man we want, the man who makes the decisions, the man who gets the job done, the man who provides for the family he loves. Let\’s take the traditions of our grandmothers as our example. Pamper the man, praise him, cook him a warm dinner, welcome him home with kisses and whisper words to him if necessary. Let\’s thank him. This investment in affection, love, and respect, which is a bit outdated these days, is something you can give to men for free and make a fortune in doing so.