Love is really important to many people. In my opinion, love is a truly beautiful emotion. It is obvious that love is not just one thing. You may ask why I think love is not just one thing. For example, love for parents. There is love for parents. But unfortunately, not everyone gives it. How many times have I known cases where children have given up on their parents in the future? And fortunately, that is not my case. I know of no such case in my neighborhood.

Láska je krásná.

But I have heard it many times and I must say it is sad indeed. Consider that when you were a little girl, your parents felt a motherly love for you and still care about you. And when I need your help in my old age, will you give them up? In my opinion, this is a very ugly and callous act. But this is love that should be respected. And it is actually a wonderful thing for parents. Parents feel love for their children. But the most beautiful love, in my opinion, is a mother\’s love. The love of a child is something that no emotion can surpass. But this is only my opinion. Maybe some people prefer another kind of love. It could be the love of a partner. I know many people love love with their partners. So do I. I have been single for five years and have no partner.

Láska je taky vášeň.

So I don\’t see or notice that kind of love anymore. I am a single mother and I must say that is the way I am at the moment. I have a son and therefore a strong maternal love. My son supports me when I need him most. I would love to have a boyfriend again but I really don\’t know where to look for that love. I am old enough to be taken by anyone. Or am I destined to be alone? Some people might be like that, but I just hope I am not. I need a man\’s love very much.