Made of medical grade silicone, women\’s sanitary products offer countless benefits. Menstrual cups can be used repeatedly for 5-15 years and generate no waste. A cup costs about 300-500,000 CZK, and a napkin, even a cheap one, costs 300,000 CZK per year, or 3,000 CZK over 10 years. Isn\’t that a tremendous difference?

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Other benefits of cups include health effects. Tampons can cause infections, dry out mucous membranes, and, in rare cases, toxic shock syndrome. The material of the cup, silicone, causes little or no allergies.

The cup should be changed every 4 to 12 hours, depending on the amount of menstruation. You can play sports, swim, sleep, and bathe with the cup in place without noticing, feeling, or disturbing the cup.

The only drawback would be the handling which must be learned at the beginning of use. Pour, rinse, and wipe the cup after each use. If you do this at home, no problem, but somewhere in a shopping mall it would not be very pleasant. Therefore, if you know that you may need to replace the cup later, you should reintroduce the cup before going to another environment. If the need arises, find a wheelchair-accessible restroom with a washbasin or carry a plastic bottle of water. The cup holds about 30 ml of blood, so don\’t worry about changing it often.
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One thing you might hesitate to do is look at your blood. After all, it is your blood. However, you can purchase a black cup for such a case.

Menstrual cups are not suitable for those who have not yet had sexual intercourse. However, even if you have had sexual intercourse, you may experience some pain when inserting the cup, but it is not a big deal. The protrusion for withdrawing the cup can be cut to an appropriate length that will not interfere; it comes in two sizes, S and M. S is suitable for women under 25 who have not had a natural childbirthand M is suitable for women over 25 who have had a natural childbirth. However, it also depends on body type, whether they play sports, and whether they are sexually active.

At the end of the cycle, boil the cup in water for 5 minutes and return it to the pouch. Yes, it is very easy. [Menstrual cups are suitable for those who are not comfortable with napkins or tampons, want to try something new, are environmentally friendly, or want to save money. However, you won\’t know if it\’s right for you until you try it!