Having a friend is beautiful. Having a girlfriend who will never betray you is a lifetime victory. And we all know that. When we have intimate issues that men don\’t understand, we need to confide in them. And we feel the need to confide and talk to someone. What about men? They don\’t even try to listen to us and give us advice anymore. You were this, you were that. But what we need is not advice, just a confession! And maybe we will regret it.
přítelkyně spolu v rozhovoru
So let\’s love and cherish our best friends! Friends are always there for us, and we can have good conversations and good times together. As soon as a woman says a word, a stone drops from her heart, she somehow feels better, she breathes more freely, and nothing weighs on her chest. That is unless, for example, it is a light work episode that you don\’t have to think about for long but don\’t know what to do with your skin. There is no need to run to the doctor for a sedative right away. We can call a friend who will not let us down and will discuss the situation from all angles. She gently offers her perspective and we realize we are not alone and even feel relieved to feel the support of a friend. She doesn\’t solve anything, just listens intently and nods patiently. We don\’t have to hide, embellish, or make up something to catch another person\’s eye. Our friends read our minds and see through us better than anyone else. Perhaps the people who know us best are our mothers. They have been with us since we were conceived and will never leave us. Women can empathize with women.
nejlepší kamarádky se drží za ruce
That is why we always make time to spend with our girlfriends and friends. Even when nothing is wrong, we call them. Even when you are fine, just because you are fine, consider inviting your friend to a movie, to a cozy wine bar, to a concert, to her favorite place, and reward her for her efforts and concern the last time you were limping.