You have probably noticed it too. These days people no longer carry cameras, they use their cell phones to take pictures of everything ,and in doing so, take more pictures. Unfortunately, the quality of the photos has also declined considerably. When I see what photos someone is bragging about on social networks, I want to brag about them. I am not talking about the content, but the quality of the photos. They are blurry, the limbs are cut off, the light is bad, etc. But that\’s probably not the worst thing about using a smartphone.
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The original function , which was primarily to make phone calls and send messages, is slowly changing. Cell phones have become communicators, primarily for social networks. We share our lives with other people online. We are sharing our lives with others online, letting everyone know where we are, how we are enjoying a concert, where and with whom we are spending our vacations. Few people pay attention to security. It is as if the rule against telling strangers that you are away from home no longer exists. We shout to the world that we are hundreds of miles away.
It is rather sad to see groups of friends or couples sitting on a bench in a restaurant, pub, or park. At least one, if not all, are immersed in their cell phone screens, doing absolutely necessary and unnecessarythings. This is a new form of rudeness that is spreading like a plague throughout society. I am already allergic to having my cell phone out at the table and don\’t care if the person in question takes a picture of the food or texts someone. I just can\’t do it. We no longer know how to enjoy our ordinary moments in peace.”
But there are other difficulties associated with cell phones and their use . There will certainly be much for psychologists to do in the future.
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It should not be overlooked that there are many useful applications that can be installed on cell phones to help us in our daily lives. When traveling, playing sports, driving a car. However, one cannot shake the feeling that the negatives outweigh the positives.