It\’s blustery outside and you\’re looking for something to do in the warmth of your home. You are looking for a good pastime for yourself and friends to come over and chat. You prepare something delicious. You open a glass of good quality wine and the invited guests gradually begin to gather. The number of people won\’t be very large, but it\’s still a good idea to think of something to entertain them and give them a good laugh. Pull out your collection of board games. Some of the older ones include “Man,” “Don\’t Get Angry,” and “Bet and Pretty.” One of your favorite games is “Citadel”. It is not the newest, but it still has its charm.

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You can expect some interesting moments, like being robbed, killed, or having your most valuable building destroyed. Foresight and the pursuit of good strategy will come in handy in Citadel, a tabletop card game that can be played by 2 to 7 players. The rules are not complicated, but will be best understood after the first game. The object of the game is to build eight buildings of value. Bonus points are awarded to the player who builds a building of every suit and to the player who finishes the game with eight buildings. The game is mean-spirited and you will be excited to rob your teammates, but early on, mercenaries will destroy one of your buildings. This game is varied and insidious. Once you try it, you\’ll want to do it again.

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You have to think a lot in this game. Both your own moves and those of your teammates. The rules of the game are simple and straightforward. There are eight characters in total. A murderer, a thief, a wizard, a king, a priest, a merchant, an architect, and a mercenary. Each character is special and has its own strengths. For example, a Mordir can kill one character, in which case the game ends and can continue until the next round. Mercenaries gain one extra gold at the start of each game. However, only four players have their own colors, which are listed on their building cards. There are also buildings in the game, which are constructed during the game and earn gold. Each building has a value to pay. The number of gold coins ranges from one to six. Between buildings there are purple bonus buildings.