After a while in a relationship, it may happen that the woman loves the man and wants to do everything for him, but the man feels differently. This is because either such a thing has not yet happened, or something has begun to happen that discourages the man, and he has come to the conclusion that he likes the woman but does not love her.Unfortunately, we all have the potential to encounter this, even though we want to believe that if we date someone, they will love us forever and everything will be fine.

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It is clear that in any relationship, over time, things start to happen that annoy the other person and begin to get their attention. The question is how the person to whom it is pointed out will perceive it. Some people take this very hard, while others wave their hands and tell themselves that they should still say whatever they want.If it gets to the point where a man begins to doubt whether he even loves the woman, that is definitely not good. Perhaps all men want someone to love them, not just to be liked.

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For many, something like this is really not enough and no wonder. We may like none of our friends or family, but our partners should love us.If you no longer feel that way about a woman, you should tell her, although it will certainly upset her. However, women are very strong and can somehow come to terms with it, even if at first they are sad and shed many tears. It is possible that one day she will find someone who loves her and will be very happy and say thank you for leaving her. These things happen.If you really don\’t feel the way you used to, you should tell them no matter what. Don\’t blame yourself.