As parents, we feel a responsibility to raise our children to do the right things, make the right choices, and have emotional strength and confidence when they become adults. Raising a daughter is known to be a little different than raising a boy, and because we are parents, we feel ourselves responsible for what values we should pass on to our children based on their gender.
Strong women know their value, are not afraid of emotions, do not take risks, and are independent. However, in order to acquire these qualities as an adult, one must learn them from a young age. That is why it is so important for mothers and fathers to be able to raise their daughters to be able to say that they are strong women when they become adults a decade later.
matka a dcera na lavičce

Help your daughters get out of their comfort zone and take risks

One of the most important things we can do for our daughters is to teach them to get out of their comfort zone. This includes encouraging our daughters to take risks even when they are afraid.

Have your daughter write down what she has accomplished

Another way to build her confidence is to remind her of the things she has done, especially the risks she has taken and succeeded. Encourage your daughter to make a special list and write on it. Have her look back at it from time to time to remind herself of the feelings she had at the time.
matka a dcera si čtou

Teach her that failure is inevitable

Failure happens to everyone. Even if you have protected your children from an early age, sooner or later they will face failure. The most important thing is to teach your daughter how to survive failure.

Teach your daughter to accept herself

It is important to teach her that she may not want to please those around her and therefore does not need to change. Self-acceptance is very important, and if your daughter learns this at an early age, she will be able to cope more easily in the future when the pressures from her environment become even greater.

Show your daughter that she can trust you

Trust is the foundation of all relationships, including mother-daughter relationships. Let your daughter know that she can find your support in any situation. In other words, don\’t lose your daughter\’s trust.