The old and experienced growers certainly agree with me. But they grow demanding flowers, daily concerns are absolutely commonplace. Care should be taken for both watering and fertilizing. And of course,it is necessary to know the composition of the soil.This, for example, I follow, but only for information.  

After all, I grow only unpretentious plants The reason that I sometimes forget to water them and pour them mercilessly, for example, lopatkovca or Potos is absolutely not a problem. They never react, only the first named leaf breaks the leaf, gently indicating that my sclerosis has already progressed again in stage 1.  


Potos itself is a plant that does not need a pot, but clay, that is, professionally, even soil. Just put it in the water and you\’re done. It begins to move towards the light, and at that time, when it grows a little, it needs some support so that it does not break under its own weight.  

Of course, not only these 2 plants exist. You can grow a lot of them, it depends on what you dare and what you have the means. For some flowers, it also depends on where they are built. Some people hate the north window. They do not necessarily die, but they do not succeed there, do not grow there, but just wane and die. But if the owner gains experience and moves it, he himself will know where the flower will be better.  

tchýnin jazyk

It is impossible to say exactly where it will thrive. Some species are simply not doing welland I can either water them or I can\’t water them the way I want. Others, however, are completely fine and grow as if I had paid them for it. I don\’t know why that is. I do not buy fertilizers, so in the spring watered nettle, and other times again onions. Maybe if I included chemistry in the game, even those who don\’t like me would succeed. But I don\’t want it.  

In any case, when you go to buy plants, the saleswoman should advise you. And when each gives you different advice, you can choose.