Needless to say, if one wants to get through life, or at least exist, one must first and foremost ensure one\’s existential security. In other words, he must earn a living and rely on that living expenses to buy all the necessities of life. Without that, existence itself is unthinkable.
However, having all the necessities of existence is not everything, or at least it should not be. One should not just blindly pursue possessions. Entertainment is an important part of human life. People should not just manage to survive from beginning to end, but should simply enjoy life as such.

dítě s bublifukem

And how do people enjoy it? It is logically different, and there is no universal recipe. Because each of us is different. And that is what must be subordinated to the question of entertainment.
Don\’t believe me? If you were born in an earlier time, think back to times gone by. Remember, for example, the days of totalitarianism, when people with a proper political orientation decided what and how people should enjoy themselves. Movies that people still enjoy today were put in the vault, “inappropriate” scenes and opinions were erased, and people had to be entertained by something enlightening that was, for example, not funny at all, on the contrary.

účastníci koncertu

Remember the “White Lady” who went to the vault for the fact that the ghosts there could do what her comrades could not. Let us remember the “chaloupers” that Waldemar Matuschka was kicked out of after his emigration. Let\’s remember the “Chimurmans” where instead of Gypsies, horse handlers had to run around the pubs with knives in their backs.
How many times have people enjoyed things that were not encouraged or even forbidden? How many times have they risked being punished for simply enjoying themselves, rather than enjoying themselves in the way they were commanded to?
But my recollections end here. Because I don\’t enjoy it at all.