If you are a food lover, like to cook and try new recipes, like to experiment in the kitchen and are not afraid of unusual flavors, you should try some variation of experiential gastronomy. There are currently a number of different festivals and direct gastronomic celebrations that offer a variety of options.

netradiční speciality

Food can be fun. Various cultural events and gastronomic festivals try to get the audience into the action. This allows them to participate in the preparation of dishes and to try out different cooking utensils and culinary specialties for themselves. In many ways, these culinary events enrich us in terms of knowledge and experience. And they provide us with inspiration, a departure from the classic cooking of everyday life.

Food can be an experience. Today, people are already bored with the food they eat every day. They lack imagination and ideas, and they don\’t want to dive into something new on their own. Therefore, they are looking for new and different tastes. Exotic cuisine is an unusual and sought-after experience for many. You don\’t have to go abroad to taste unusual cuisine here. A growing number of events are offering authentic plates of exotic cuisine to be served throughout the night. African markets with unusual fruits and berries, and for the adventurous, insect dishes such as earthworms, are also a must. Recently, themed gastro festivals have burst onto the scene, bringing these unusual experiences.
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Food is a pleasure. If you want to experience an extraordinary meal and tickle your taste buds, indulge yourself with the professionals at an experiential gastronomy establishment. These establishments may not have Michelin stars, but they can still transport you to a gastronomic heaven. In this case, however, you will pay a hefty price for the experience. Still, it is worth a try.