Linux and its distributions run in different graphical environments. But always the above are used; some Linux users don\’t even know what environment they have; for those who still believe that Linux is in the kitchen, I\’ll try to write it in plain language that works and that everyone can actually understand. After all, it\’s not that hard. So,we\’ll talk about the two MAIN environments
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If you haven\’t customized your desktop in any way, remember that KDE has a bar of icons at the bottom; GNOME has them elsewhere; and Linux has them at the top. It is usually located on the left side of the monitor. Of course, change
the environment and the bar might be in a different location or there might be more of them, but for a layman\’s base, this resolution is sufficient for now. There is not much point in going into technical details.
Incidentally, there is Xfce, LXDE, Unity, Cinnamon, etc., but we won\’t say much about those.
Now that we can recognize environments in layman\’s terms, let\’s look at some details that distinguish the two.
KDE is said to be more like Windows. And Gnome is better suited for beginners who don\’t know Windows.
For the average user, there is no difference. Maybe in the past there were requirements for the machine, but in today\’s configurations they are basically unimportant. In my opinion, new users will choose based on looks anyway, not memory requirements.
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A fundamental difference would be thatKDE uses the Qt toolkitwhileGNOME uses the GTK+ library. However, this issue is too complex and lengthy to be covered here.
So, if you are about to enter Linux, choose an environment that you like at first glance and remember one thing. Linux is free and freeand you can always uninstall it from your computer and try another distribution. Just think of it like Windows, where something remains on the other side. But after a while it will even out and you will definitely get used to it.